Visit to Florence City Center and Uffizi Gallery Museum

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Firenze skyline   Ponte-Vecchio-Florence-1600x900

Meeting Point: piazza della Signoria, Florence - 12.30 p.m.

This trip is mandatory if you are attending the Supplementary Art Course while pursuing the completion certificate.


12.30 p.m. – meeting in Piazza della Signoria (in front of Palazzo Vecchio, near the David statue) - visit to Florence city center with Professor Annarita Paolieri

2:00 p.m. – guided visit to the Uffizi Gallery Museum with Professor Annarita Paolieri

6:30 p.m. – estimated ending time of the visit

COSTS: Students attending the Supplementary Art Course will have their Uffizi Gallery Museum entrance tickets sponsored by VIU. For other students, the ticket fee is 8 €. All participants will have to pay for their own travel.

TRANSPORTATION: Means of transportation will be arranged on your own. The recommended way to reach Florence is by train (station name: Santa Maria Novella). You may check both Trenitalia and Italo websites.

CONTACTS: Tea (0039)3331126832 (call, sms or whatsapp) – email:

FURTHER INFORMATION: Uffizi Gallery Museum, one of the most famous museums in the world, hosts exceptional collections of masterpieces dating back to the 14th century and Renaissance period, such as famous artworks by Botticelli, Caravaggio, Leonardo, Raffaello and Michelangelo.



VIU Movie Series – American Students Proposal

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Monday, October 24 – 5 p.m – Room 9A

MV5BMTNjZjk2YmItMjc0Ny00ODE3LWJkOTctZmYyYTFkYTRmMGU3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjUwNzk3NDc@._V1_ maxresdefault

Matthew McConaughey stars in DALLAS BUYERS CLUB as real-life Texas cowboy Ron Woodroof, whose free-wheeling life was overturned in 1985 when he was diagnosed as HIV-positive and given 30 days to live. These were the early days of the AIDS epidemic, and the U.S. was divided over how to combat the virus. Ron, now shunned and ostracized by many of his old friends, and bereft of government-approved effective medicines, decided to take matters in his own hands, tracking down alternative treatments from all over the world by means both legal and illegal. Bypassing the establishment, the entrepreneurial Woodroof joined forces with an unlikely band of renegades and outcasts – who he once would have shunned – and established a hugely successful “buyers’ club.” Their shared struggle for dignity and acceptance is a uniquely American story of the transformative power of resilience.


Directed by: Jean-Marc Vallée                    Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, Jennifer Garner

Genre: Drama                                         Release date:  Oct 31, 2013

Running time: 117 minutes                          Language: English


Official movie trailer:



Visit to the Venice Lagoon

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lagoon mose

Friday October 21, 2016 Visit to the Venice Lagoon:

Porto Marghera, MOSE barriere system, Ca’Roman Natural Reserve, Piccolo Museo della Laguna (Pellestrina)

Meeting Point: 9.10 am, San Servolo – VIU main entrance

The visit is compulsory for students attending the course History of Venice.
It is highly suggested for students attending Training in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and it is open to all interested students and faculty.

If you wish to join the visit, you are kindly asked to sign up on the list before Monday, October 17.

The visit will be preceded by an Introductory Lecture, held on Wednesday, October 19.
The introductory lecture is part of the visit.

The visit will be by private boat.
Lunch: We suggest you to bring a packed lunch.
The visit will include:  Porto Marghera (Venice Industrial Port)
MOSE barrier system, Ca’ Roman Natural Reserve, Piccolo Museo della Laguna – Fishermen Museum of the North Lagoon (Pellestrina Island)

All costs are sponsored by VIU for students attending the courses History of Venice and Training in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
For other students and professors wishing to participate, the cost is 7euro per person.


VIU Movie Series – “La Notte di San Lorenzo”

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Monday, October 17 – 5 pm – room 9A

La Notte Di San Lorenzo (1)51Cof2FuMDLla-notte-di-san-lorenzodscf6929 (1)
In Tuscan lore, the evening of August 10th is la notte di San Lorenzo (the night of the shooting stars). Each of these stars is believed to grant one wish. In this celebrated film by Italy’s Taviani brothers, a woman asks for the words to tell her son about that same night during the last days of World War II. The Nazis occupied Italy and the fascists had mined her small Tuscan village of San Martino. Skeptical of the fascists’ promise that all peasants will be safe in San Martino’s cathedral, a group of villagers opt to leave and search for the Italian partisans and advancing American forces. Among those to depart is the woman, then only six years old. La Notte di San Lorenzo is the story of the villagers’ remarkable exodus, the fate of those left behind, and the partisan struggle against fascism — lyrically intertwined with their thoughts, loves, fears, and memories, as well as the fantasies of a young girl experiencing the tragedy she perceives to be her greatest adventure.


Title: La Notte di San Lorenzo

Directors: Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani

Writers: Tonino Guerra, Paolo Taviani, Giuliani G. De Negri, Vittorio Taviani

Starring: Omero Antonutti, Margarita Lozano, Claudio Bigagli, Massimo Bonetti, …

Genre: Art House & International | Drama | Fiction & Fantasy

Release date: Sept. 16, 1982

Runtime: 100 minutes


Watch the Trailer:



The Architectural Heritage of the city of Padua

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cappella_degli_scrovegni   Basilica-del-Santo-S-Antonio-da-Padova-Foto-102

Friday, October 14: The Architectural Heritage of the city of Padua

Meeting point: 11.40 am in front of the Eremitani Church in Padova
(Adress: Piazza Eremitani, 9, Padova – see map - possible regional trains to reach Padova: 8.42;  10.42;  check   )


The visit is compulsory for students attending the Art & Architecture in Renaissance Venice course

11.40 Meeting in front of the Eremitani Church in Padova (Piazza Eremitani, 9, Padova)
You should reach the meeting point on your own.
11.45 – 12.15 Visit to Eremitani Church
……………..  Visit to Scrovegni Chapel (reserved only to Art & Architecture in Renaissance Venice students)
……………..  Visit to Palazzo del Bo
14.00-14.45  Free time for lunch in padova
……………..  Visit to the Scoletta del Santo and Basilica del Santo
16.30 Estimated ending time of the visit
The visit will be guided by Prof. Barbara Savy and PhD. Sarah Ferrari

You will arrange the return trip on your own – you should purchase your own train ticket and VIU will refund your documented travel expenses.
The maximum refundable amount is € 4.10 – corresponding to the cost of a regional train ticket from Padova to Venezia. To be refunded, please bring your train ticket to the Front Office.

Students enrolled in the Art&Architecture in Renaissance Venice course will have all costs sponsored or refunded by VIU.
The cost for other students is € 5.00 for the entrance tickets, due to the Front Office by Monday, Oct. 10.

Eremitani Church, one of the most important churches in Padua
Scrovegni Chapel, the most complete series of frescoes executed by Giotto in his mature age, which represents a true masterpiece of the 14th century Italian art (this visit is reserved to F1603 Art and Architecture in Renaissance Venice students)
Palazzo del Bo, whose outstanding cultural and artistic heritage belongs to the University of Padova; its most known rooms are  Aula Magna and the world’s first permanent anatomical theatre
Basilica di Sant’Antonio da Padova, which the Paduan people call Il Santo (“the Saint”): it is the most important monument in the city and one of the most popular Italian churches, hosting major artworks.





Visit to the Botanical Garden in Padova

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Banner per Orto Botanico_locandina

Friday, October 14: Padova Botanical Garden

The visit  is compulsory for students attending the course Training in UNESCO World Heritage Studies.
Open only to the students of the class, due to the limited ticket availability.

8.20 Meeting point: Venezia S.Lucia Train station (at the top of the stairs)
(The ticket from Venice to Padova will be provided by VIU, you will receive it at the meeting point)
9.45 Guided visit to the Botanical Garden (World Heritage Site)
11.20 End of the visit
The ending time of this visit is compatible with the beginning of the afternoon visit along with the Art and Architecture in Renaissance Venice course.

You will arrange the return trip on your own –  you should purchase your own train ticket and VIU will refund your documented travel expenses.
The maximum refundable amount is € 4.10 – corresponding to the cost of a regional train ticket from Padova to Venezia.
To be refunded, please bring your train ticket to the Front Office.

Students enrolled in the Training in UNESCO World Heritage Studies course will have all costs covered by VIU.

Over the centuries, the Garden of Padua has placed itself in the middle of a widespread network of international relations, by exerting a deep influence upon the research and holding a leading role in the exchange of ideas, knowledge, plants and scientific material. On the basis of such considerations, in 1997 it has been inscribed in the World Heritage List as a cultural good.

More info about the garden:






Supplementary Art Course

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Wednesdays in October and November, Room 9A at VIU



Course Aim:
The main aim of this short course is to provide an introduction to one of the most fascinating period of the Italian Art.
Through the discussion of several paintings presented in class, the participants will build an understanding of the main characteristics of the Renaissance style and of the conditions that led to it. Another point of interest will be to follow the evolution of Renaissance from its beginning in Florence to its spreading through other Italian cities until its maturity during the “great Cinquecento”. The art works will be analyzed against the background of religious, social and political conditions in Renaissance Italy.

The course will involve a final site visit to Florence.

Participation to the Course:
“Italian Renaissance Painting” is offered to anyone interested and as a supplementary Art course to VIU students.
You may participate:
1) as auditor
2) as student enrolled in Art and Architecture in Renaissance Venice if you attend all classes and participate to the site visit in Florence, Prof. Savy will recognize a bonus towards the final evaluation.
3) for certificate of completition – if you attend all classes, participate to the site visit in Florence and write a short paper of 4500-6000 words, VIU will issue a certificate recognizing the completition of a 20 hours course – the final evaluation will consider participation to class discussion (20% of the final grade) and the short paper (80% of the final grade)

All participants attending all classes and the visit will receive a final certificate of attendance.

Class schedule
Wednesdays,  5.00 – 6.30 pm
October  12 – 19 – 26  ~  November  9
Friday, October  28 – site visit to Florence




VIU Movie Series Fall 2016 Semester -Full Schedule

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Here’s the entire list of movies including the ones picked for the course “Italian Contemporary History in Films” and the ones proposed by students.

Movie series poster design

Introductory seminar and International Conference ‘UNREST IN VENICE’

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Wednesday, October 5 - 5.00 – 6.30 pm - room 9A

Unrest in venice picture

The seminar will be coordinated by the two conference organizers: Dr. Maartje van Gelder (University of Amsterdam) and Dr. Claire Judde de Larivière (University of Toulouse).

This co-curricular activity is part of prof. Pes’ course History of Venice – Italy Core,  the participation to the seminar is compulsory for its students.

All students and professors are welcome to join.


The aim of the seminar is to introduce you to the late medieval and early modern Venetian society, in order to present the questions and problems that will be discussed during the international conference, which will be held at VIU on Friday, 7 October.

The seminar will be divided in three parts:

The first part will present how the Venetian society was organized, explaining the relationships between the three main groups which made up the society : the nobles (patricians), the citizens (cittadini i.e. bourgeois) and the ordinary people (popolani). We will consider how this social framework, created at the end of the Middle Ages, was related to the exclusion of the popolani from any political involvement, both in the city government and in the main institutions. We will relate these questions to the city scape and to the way Venetian spaces were and are organized.

The second part will introduce the question of the so-called “myth” of Venice, i.e. the idea that Venice has been one of the rare regimes to know no revolt or popular political unrest during its millennial history. We will analyze the evolution of this idea, and how it influenced the way the history of Venice has been written ever since the 16th century.

The third part will finally introduce the programme of the conference. It is the first time that two eminent historians of Venice will focus together on the question of political unrest in Venice, tackling collectively its myth, trying to unveil events and forms of actions and proving that political tensions were taking place in Venice and that the popolo was involved in such events.


Friday, October 7 – all day – Aula Magna

International Conference

unrest in venice conference

Participation to the international conference UNREST IN VENICE is compulsory for students attending the course History of Venice - Italy Core

Read more about the  conference on the VIU website Unrest In Venice. Popular Politics in an Aristocratic Republic“.



VIU Movie Series “Amarcord”

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Monday, October 3 – 5 pm – room 9A


It’s an extravagantly funny, sometimes dreamlike evocation of a year in the life of a small Italian coastal town in the nineteen-thirties [...] as it is recalled by a director with a superstar’s access to the resources of the Italian film industry and a piper’s command over our imaginations. [...]   “Amarcord, which opened yesterday at the Plaza Theater, may possibly be Federico Fellini’s most marvelous film.

Amarcord is as full of tales, some romantic, some slapstick, some elegiac, some bawdy, some as mysterious as the unexpected sight of a peacock flying through a light snowfall. It’s a film of exhilarating beauty”

Vincent Canby, The New York Times

Directed by Federico Fellini,    Starring  Bruno Zanini, Pupella Maggio, Magali Noël, Nando Orfei, Ciccio Ingrassia,    Genres  comedy | drama | biographical,    Release date 13 December 1973 (Italy),    Running time 127 minutes,   Language Italian (sub. Eng).