VIULecture on Energy – Science & Communication

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Wednesday, May 22, 5pm, room 1G:

VIULecture on Energy –

Science and Communication

In collaboration with:

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Piero Martin, Professor, Physics and Astronomy Department, University of Padova
Alessandra Viola, science journalist and writerThe lecture is dedicated to an introduction to the topics of energy science and communication as seen and used by a journalist and by a scientist. The starting point is that the ability to understand the basics of science and technology and the tools to communicate them, are key requirements in order to understand and to interact with the modern world. This is particularly important when dealing with subjects like energy, environment and sustainability.
Starting from the basic principles of thermodynamics – often used and mentioned also outside physics -, the speakers present the basics of the science of energy, of its transformations, of its impact on the environment and on sustainable development, and provide examples of tools, strategies and best practices in energy communication.

The event is organized in collaboration with the University of Padua and the Ca’ Foscari International College. More details are available on the VIU website in the Open Lectures section.
This activity is compulsory for the course Globalization, Environment and Sustainable Development.


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