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VIU Special Screening: “Sacro GRA”

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Wednesday October 9th 5.15 pm at Giorgione Cinema

The Meeting Point is at S. Zaccaria boat stop at 5 pm



Prof. Marazzi will introduce the movie “Sacro GRA” which is the 2013 winner of the Golden Lion for the Best Film.

The Director Gianfranco Rosi has decided to tell the tale of a part of his own country, roaming and filming for over two years in a minivan on Rome’s giant ring road—the Grande Raccordo Anulare, or GRA—to discover the invisible worlds and possible futures harbored in this area of constant turmoil. Elusive characters and fleeting apparitions emerge from the background of the winding zone: a nobleman from the Piemonte region and his college student daughter sharing a one-room efficiency in a modern apartment building along the GRA; a botanist making audio recordings of the interiors of palm trees to detect and then poison the insects that are devouring them like a plague; a modern day cigar-smoking prince doing gymnastics on the roof of his castle, surrounded by the sea of new apartment buildings proliferating around him; a paramedic in an ambulance eternally on duty treating car accident victims along the vast road; and an eel fisherman living on a houseboat beneath an overpass along the Tiber River. Far from the iconic sites of Rome, the GRA is a repository of stories of those at the edges of the everexpanding universe of the capital city.

This activity is compulsory for the courses “Italian Contemporary History” and “Visual Representation and the Cultural Other”

Please sign up the list on the door before the classroom corridor, area 9.


World Food Day Workshop

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October 11th 9.00 am to 1 pm Room 5X

VIU Campus, Isola di San Servolo


In the framework of the events organized for the FAO World Food Day Venice International University organizes a workshop on Food and Water on October 11, 2013.

The workshop, held in the framework of the events organized for the FAO World Food Day, is aimed at introducing international students at VIU and Ca’ Foscari to one of the key issues of globalisation and sustainable development: food safety and security with a special focus on the relationship with water.

This initiative is organized in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University, the Ca’ Foscari International College and the network of Italian universities for cooperation and development, launched in 2008 by the Cooperation Division at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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Dear All,

here you will find more details about the introductory lectues for the Sistine Chapel

and the Midterm Trip

VIU movie series: “Amarcord”

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Monday, October 7th, 5pm, room 9A

VIU Movie series: “Amarcord”

amarcord picture
by Federico Fellini, 1973
127 mins, starring Magalì Noel and Bruno Zanin, Italian with English subtitles

Synopsis: Carnevalesque, sad and funny stories involving the family of an adolescent son of a Socialist in provincial Italy during Fascism (set in Rimini, Romagna, 1920’s-30’s). Oscar as Best Foreign Language Film in 1975.

VIU Participation in the Biennale Sessions

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Biennale Sessions

Friday, October 4th, 10 am:

Visit to the Biennale Giardini

The visit will include activities such as seminars and discussions organized by VIU professors, held in the ASAC Library as well as a guided tour through the national pavilions.

This activity is compulsory for the courses “Globalization and Cultural Heritage” (Prof. Bernardi), “Digital Cities and Cartographhic Imagination” (Prof. Szabo), “New Technologies, Cultural Heritage and the Urban Experience” and “Managing Heritage Cities in the era of Global Tourism” (Prof. Muñoz), “History of Venice”  (Prof. Pes). Students who signed for the visit will receive a personal badge which will be valid for three days (October 4, 5, 6) and it will allow you to enter both sides (Giardini and Arsenale). You will receive the pass on Friday morning at 10 am at the Biennale Entrance at Giardini.
We remind you once more that if you have signed in and you do not show up to collect the entrance pass you will have to refund the cost (20 €).

Detailed Program

10.00 am
Meeting at the Giardini Entrance + Guided visit to the national pavilions

11.30 am
Documentary screening of “The VICE Guide to the Venice Biennale”, shot a few months before the official opening to meet artists, curators and producers, to understand how such a massive art event affects the city and its citizens.

Discussion on the related topics will be promoted by Prof. Pes, Prof. Muñoz, Prof. Szabo and Prof. Heidemann. All students and professors are invited to join in.

1.30 pm
End of activities and free time to explore the Biennale. Students from the course “Globalization and Cultural Heritage” will have time to accomplish their assignment.

Transcultural Game for all students and professors

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Wednesday, October 2nd, 5 pm, room 9A

Transcultural game

Everybody is invited to take part to the “transcultural game”. Do not miss it! It will be great fun while contributing to mutual understanding!

The rules of the game are very simple:
1. Form a group with friends with whom you feel you share a common “culture”.
2. Self-define yourself: your choice has to be related to places or cultures that the people of the group share.
3. Write down a list of ten things other students (and professors) on campus should know about yourself and those belonging to the chosen category in terms of social relations and situations of everyday life, misunderstandings on island, things that have already occurred.
4. Come on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2nd and read the list to the other participants.
Once you form a group please send an e-mail with the chosen name to professor Luca Pes: