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On Monday, Dec 2nd, the Urban Trekking scheduled for the course “New Technologies, Cultural Heritage and Urban Uxperience” is postponed, due to the overlapping with the rescheduled classes of Prof. Balletti/Guerra (“Digital Tools for Humanities”, double class, 3.15 – 6.30).

-The Urban Trekking for “New technologies” class will be on Wednesday, Dec 4th, at 5 pm.
-The Urban Trekking for “Managing Heritage Cities” class will be on Monday, Dec 9th, at 5 pm (instead of Wed, Dec 4th).
-On Monday, Dec 2nd, in the afternoon, students are warmly invited to take part in the guest lecture “Virtual museums for cultural heritage: the case of Villa di Livia and the Etruscanning project” held by the guest speaker Prof. Andrea Adami, CNR.
The lecture will take place in the MacLab.
For those of you who have other classes in between, 3.15-4.45 pm, you can join the seminar later.

“Virtual museums for cultural heritage: the case of Villa di Livia and the Etruscanning project”
Guest speaker: Andrea Adami, CNR-Italian National Research Council, Institute for New Technologies applied to Cultural Heritage

Monday, Dec 2nd, 15.15, MacLab

Topic: Etruscanning 3D is a two-year project founded by the European Commission within the Culture 2007 framework. It focuses on the investigation of new digital documentation and visualization techniques to re-create and restore the original context of Etruscan tombs. Through the cooperation of museums and research organizations from 3 European countries, the project aims at the digital acquisition, digital restoration and 3D reconstruction of Etruscan tombs and artifacts and their presentation to the public through innovative VR systems. The applications are proposed at exhibitions in the Netherlands, Belgium and for permanent use in Italian museums (Vatican Museums, National Etruscan Museum in Villa Giulia and Agro Veientano Museum in Formello).

In the “Flaminia reloaded: Virtual Museum of Livia’s Villa v2.0″ we propose to re-use the original contents developed for the Virtual Museum of Ancient via Flaminia ( realized by Virtual Heritage Lab of CNR ITABC in 2006-2008 with the financial support of Arcus S.P.A – Agency for the Development of Art, Culture and Performance, and opened to public in 2008 in Diocletian Thermal Baths Museum, in front of Termini Station in Rome). We want to create a new application focused only on Livia’s Villa in Prima Porta (IX mile of via Flaminia).

Andrea Adami graduated in Architecture at the University Iuav of Venice with honors in 2003 with a thesis entitled “Restoration of the urban field in Brenzone.” In 2009 he was awarded with the title of PhD in Geodesy and Geomatics, XX cycle, at the Politecnico di Milano (disciplinary sector ICAR/06) with a thesis entitled: “The globe: from art object to cartographic representation”.
Adami currently holds a research fellowship at the Laboratory of CNR VHlab – ITABC entitled “Three-dimensional modeling of archaeological and architectural contexts, from topographical data collected and through computer graphics techniques” aimed at real time computer animation and all ‘inside the European project Etruscanning 3D.

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