Monday (24/02) VIU Movie Series :ITALIAN proposal

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Monday, February 24th at 5.00 PM: VIU Movie Series – Movie proposal by ITALIAN students.

Room 9 -A


Dear Italian students,

VIU “Movie Series” is part of the VIU co-curricular activities. According to our vision, screening movies of different countries is a way to explore new cultures and tradition. Furthermore it’s a nice occasion to spend time together and relax yourself after your classes.

Each Monday at 5.00 pm we will agree on a movie to watch in Room 9-A.

On Monday, Feb 24, 5 pm, we have scheduled to screen and present an Italian movie.

For this we need your cooperation: which movie can better represent your country, your culture, your life as university students, or a peculiar feature of Italian culture?

If you can talk to each other and agree on a movie, please send us your final proposal by Thursday, Feb. 20th at 2 pm or, alternatively, send us your single proposals by email at

In addition to that we need a volunteer (individual or a group presentation) to briefly introduce the movie on the day of the screening. In the introduction you will have to explain in a few words the reason of the selection and the importance of the movie.




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