VIU Lectures – Wednesday, May 21

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“Funding Cultural Heritage”

Wednesday, 21 May 2014 – 5pm, Room 9A

Guest speaker: Prof. Clemente Marconi, New York University

Discussant: Prof. Amnon Bar Or, Tel Aviv University

Guest speaker Clemente Marconi, Professor of Archeology at the New York University and Director of the IFA Excavations on the Akropolis of Selinunte. Besides researches on Art and Architecture of the Greek world in the archaic and classical periods, Prof. Marconi explores the connection between architecture, the visual arts and other media (such as rituals, or texts), investigating their form, meaning and social function, arguing for a closer interaction between the study of ancient art and disciplines such as semiotics, anthropology and hermeneutics.

This lecture is part of Prof. Amnon Bar Or‘s courses Cultural Conservation in the Holy Land and Between East and West: Modern Architecture in Mandatory Palestine and Israel.


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