Visit to the Barovier&Toso, and BerengoStudio Glass Factories

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Friday, September 19: Visit to the Barovier & Toso and Berengo Studio glass factories.



9.30 am Meeting point at Fondamente Nove “B” Boat Stop
9.54 am Departure from Fondamente Nove (line 4.1)
11.00 am Visit to BerengoStudio
12.30 am – 1.30 pm Lunch Break
2.00 pm Visit to Barovier&Toso


Meeting Point: Fondamente Nuove Boat Stop “B” at 9.30

This visit will give you the unique opportunity to visit one of the most famous and noteworthy venetian glass factories on the beautiful island of Murano.

Barovier & Toso glass factory is an international leader in creating decorative lighting solutions “destined not only to furnish ambiances, but also to create emotions, transmit positivity, making each room unique.” Barovier & Toso’s creations have been chosen by designers of luxury goods, high fashion brands  and the world’s main hotel chains to enhance their lighting atmosphere.

Berengo Studio glass factory production explores contemporary art and design solutions, since its mission is “striving to free glass from its perception as simply a functional material and Murano glass’s prevalently decorative tradition and to make glass a vibrant medium for use in contemporary art.” Recently, a glass furnace on Murano has been transformed into an exhibition space after many years of disuse. Berengo Studio’s work can be admired in several public and private collections throughout the world.

After the last visit, students are free to stay on the island and return to Venice when they prefer.



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