Transcultural Game

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Wednesday, October 8th, 5 pm, Room 9A

Prof. Luca Pes invites you all to take part in the “Transcultural Game“:

Do not miss it! It will be great fun while contributing to mutual understanding!

The rules of the game are very simple:
1. Form a group with friends with whom you feel you share a common “culture”.
2. Self-define yourself: your choice has to be related to places or cultures that the people of the group share.
3. Write down a list of ten things other students (and professors) on campus should know about yourself and those belonging to the chosen category in terms of social relations and situations of everyday life, misunderstandings on island, things that have already occurred.
4. Come on Wednesday, Oct 8 and read the list to the other participants.

Once you form a group please send an e-mail with the chosen name to Prof. Luca Pes:

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