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MOSE and Port of Venice

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  Interno della Basilica


Friday, October 10th, All Day

Boat Trip to the Industrial Port of Venice, MOSE System, Pellestrina,  and Torcello

The Meeting Point is at San Basilio Boat Stop at 9.00 am

The boat trip includes visits to the Industrial Port, MOSE system and two islands of the lagoon: Pellestrina and Torcello.

This activity is compulsory for the courses: “History of Venice” (Prof. Pes), “Preservation of World Heritage Sites” (Prof. Gianighian) and “From Venice to Seoul” (Prof. Zanalda).

Students from other courses will pay €5, to be collected directly on the boat.

Since there are no bars in Torcello, we recommend to take a packed lunch with you!

Detailed program

9.00 am – Departure from San Basilio

9.00 am – 11.15 am  – Tour of the Industrial Port and Arrival at Pellestrina

11.30 – 1.00 pm – Visit to the Museum of the Lagoon and Murazzi

1.15 – 1.30 pm Route from Pellestrina to Torcello and sightseeing of the Mose system (Bocca di Lido)

1.45 – 2.00 pm  – Arrival at Torcello

2.45 pm – 3.45 pm – Visit to the Basilica of Torcello

4.00 pm – Departure from Torcello and arrival at San Marco around 5.00 pm


Transcultural Game

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Wednesday, October 8th, 5 pm, Room 9A

Prof. Luca Pes invites you all to take part in the “Transcultural Game“:

Do not miss it! It will be great fun while contributing to mutual understanding!

The rules of the game are very simple:
1. Form a group with friends with whom you feel you share a common “culture”.
2. Self-define yourself: your choice has to be related to places or cultures that the people of the group share.
3. Write down a list of ten things other students (and professors) on campus should know about yourself and those belonging to the chosen category in terms of social relations and situations of everyday life, misunderstandings on island, things that have already occurred.
4. Come on Wednesday, Oct 8 and read the list to the other participants.

Once you form a group please send an e-mail with the chosen name to Prof. Luca Pes:

Movie Series: “Amarcord”

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Monday, Oct 6, 5 pm, Room 9A 

“Amarcord”, 1973

by Federico Fellini

starring Magalì Noel and Bruno Zanin


Carnivalesque, sad and funny stories involving the family of an adolescent son of a Socialist in provincial Italy during Fascism (set in Rimini, Romagna, 1920’s-30’s). The movie won the Academy Award as Best Foreign Language Film in 1975.

ITA 1973, 127 mins

VIU LECTURE – Europe’s Unique Experiment: The Bottom-up Creation of a Large Polity

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VIUopening ceremony - lectio magistralis-banner

Friday, Oct 3rd, 10 am, Room 9A

Europe’s Unique Experiment: The Bottom-up Creation of a Large Polity

Guest Speaker: Prof. Wim Blockmans.
Discussant: Prof. Mikhail Krom.

This open lecture forms a part of Prof. Krom’s course on “Comparative History and on Early Modern State Building: a Comparative Perspective“.

What are the origins of this challenge, and to what degree does it constitute an obstacle to Europe’s role in a globalizing world?
Starting from a far-reaching historical analysis of the various forms European states have taken in the course of centuries, the lecture “Europe’s Unique Experiment: The Bottom-up Creation of a Large Polity” seeks to provide a better understanding of the tension between the traditional longing to belong and the ongoing globalization world-wide.