Visit to the Jewish Ghetto and Madonna della Salute Celebration

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Friday, November 21st, 10 am, Campo del Ghetto

Visit to the Jewish Ghetto and Madonna della Salute Celebration

This activity is part of the courses “From Venice to Seoul” (Prof. Zanalda) and “History of Venice” (Prof. Pes) and are counted as classes.

Meeting point: Campo del Ghetto, in front of the main entrance of the Museum, 10 am

Jewish Ghetto: When, on March 29th 1516, the Government of the Serenissima Repubblica issued special laws, the first Ghetto of Europe was instituted. It was an area where Jews were forced to live and which they could not leave from sunset to dawn. The area was closed by gates watched by guards and up till now the marks of the hinges are visible there. The Ghetto existed for more than two and a half centuries, until Napoleon conquered Venice

Madonna della Salute Celebration: In October 1630, the Venetian Senate decreed that if the city was delivered from the currently raging plague, that had killed about a third of Venice’s population,  a new church would be built and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The city was so delivered and Baldassare Longhena was selected to design the new church. After the construction, the annual Feast of the Presentation of the Virgin (November 21) saw a major procession of the city’s officials from San Marco to La Salute for a service of thanksgiving for deliverance from the plague.

After the visit to the Jewish Ghetto, we will continue our tour to Madonna della Salute Church.

Those of you joining the visit to Padua Botanical Garden (in the afternoon) are instead free to go directly to the train station after the end of the Ghetto guided tour.

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