Wednesday, 23 Sep: VIU transcultural game

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VIU transcultural game

Wednesday, September 23rd, 5 p.m., room 9A

transcultural game

1. form a group with friends with whom you feel you share a common “culture”

2. self-define yourself: “Italian Girls”, “Israeli”, “Japanese”, “Turks”, “German Women”, “American Males”, “Bavarians”, “Inhabitants of Tokyo”, “Dutch Catholics”, “Cosmopolitan Globe-trotters”… (your choice, but has to be related to places or cultures that the people of the group share)

3. write down a list of ten things other students (and professors) on campus should know about yourself and those belonging to the chosen category (“Italian Girls”, “Israeli”, “Japanese”, “German Women”, “American Males”, “Bavarians”, “Inhabitants of Tokyo”, “Dutch Catholics”…) in terms of social relations and situations of everyday life (eg. how to relate to professors and how professors are meant to relate to students, how to regard law breaking, how to invite for dinner, what to expect from friends, what to do with friends, how to go out with a man/woman, what to expect from the family and similar things, that you regard important, not to be misunderstood); especially things that are liable to misunderstandings on island; and misunderstandings, which have already occurred

4. read the list to the other participants (discussion and question time will follow; powerpoint, photos and youtube optional).

O​nce you form a group (can also be of two people) please send me an e-mail with the chosen name to (if you do not manage, doesn’t matter)


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