Trip: Venetian Ghetto and Jewish Museum

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Venetian Ghetto and Jewish Museum

Monday, April 25, 2016 

Meeting point:Campo del Ghetto Novo, in front of the Jewish   Museum of Venice at 12.15 pm

Come and discover the historic Venetian Ghetto and the stunning Jewish Museum!

ghetto 2


The Venetian Ghetto was establish in the 1516. Despite the isolation the Jewish increased significantly, requiring the creation of new housing. Due to the lack of space, the buildings were expanded in height: up to the 8th floor!

The Jewish Museum in Venice is not only an exhibition place but it’s a kind of diffused museum merged with the city. It’s quite small but hosts a rich collection
started in 1954 by the jewish community. Inside its rooms you will see textile articles, object related to the cult and the Jewish liturgy and you will discover the history of the Venetian Jewish,
told by objects and pictures.

The visit is highly recommended for the students of S1601 History of Venice and it will be sponsored by VIU.

Participation is only for students that have signed up since the seats are limited. 


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