VIU Transcultural Game – Symposium

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Wednesday, September 21 – 5 pm – room 9A

Multiculturalism      transcultural game

How to play?

Participants will make a list of debate topics, laying a ground for comparisons among cultures.

They will draw from their own personal experiences, describing common features of the place they live.


Possible relevant topics

-  Fashion

-  Childhood memories (games, things we were afraid of, etc.)

-  Differences in passports and border crossing

-  Drinking culture

-  Nightlife

-  Body parts we find attractive

-  Sports

-  Food

-  Love/Relationship/Sex

-  Daily College Life


Everyone is invited to join:  this is going to be an important moment in your VIU experience.

All participants are more than welcome to take part to the discussion, sharing their personal background.

In the style of ancient Greek symposia, where they used to debate serious issues while sharing food and drinks, you can bring refreshments in order to make the event more communal and involving.


For further information, you may contact: Thomas Ikeda – Iulia Amatuni – Ryun (Lynn) Song or Professor Luca Pes (



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