Supplementary Art Course

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Wednesdays in October and November, Room 9A at VIU



Course Aim:
The main aim of this short course is to provide an introduction to one of the most fascinating period of the Italian Art.
Through the discussion of several paintings presented in class, the participants will build an understanding of the main characteristics of the Renaissance style and of the conditions that led to it. Another point of interest will be to follow the evolution of Renaissance from its beginning in Florence to its spreading through other Italian cities until its maturity during the “great Cinquecento”. The art works will be analyzed against the background of religious, social and political conditions in Renaissance Italy.

The course will involve a final site visit to Florence.

Participation to the Course:
“Italian Renaissance Painting” is offered to anyone interested and as a supplementary Art course to VIU students.
You may participate:
1) as auditor
2) as student enrolled in Art and Architecture in Renaissance Venice if you attend all classes and participate to the site visit in Florence, Prof. Savy will recognize a bonus towards the final evaluation.
3) for certificate of completition – if you attend all classes, participate to the site visit in Florence and write a short paper of 4500-6000 words, VIU will issue a certificate recognizing the completition of a 20 hours course – the final evaluation will consider participation to class discussion (20% of the final grade) and the short paper (80% of the final grade)

All participants attending all classes and the visit will receive a final certificate of attendance.

Class schedule
Wednesdays,  5.00 – 6.30 pm
October  12 – 19 – 26  ~  November  9
Friday, October  28 – site visit to Florence




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