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Opening: Ca’Foscari Short Film Festival

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Meeting Point: 4.50 pm, San Servolo boat stop or 5.00 pm S. Zaccaria boat stop

locandina CFSFF

VIU is happy to accompany you to the opening of the 7th edition of the  Ca’Foscari Short Film Festival which will be held at Auditorium Santa Margherita in Venice. It is the first European festival entirely designed and organized by university students, created by Ca’Foscari University in collaboration with Fondazione di Venezia and dedicated to a young audience.

The 30 short films of the international competition were shot by 29 different film schools in 25 different countries. During the festival there will be special events and awards, among which a masterclass by Takahashi Hiroshi, Japanese screenwriter and true master of fear (The Ring trilogy), as well as a live performance by Iimen Masako with her breathtaking Sand Art on March 18 at 7.30 pm during the Closing Ceremony.

Program Wednesday, March 15:
5.30 pm Opening
6.00 pm a special moment dedicated to Waseda University of Tokyo, where most renowned Japanese directors of all times have studied: we will meet some incredibly talented students of Waseda who have focused on the most green trends of filmmaking.

Festival: from March 15 to March 18, 2017. Free Entrance.

Complete Program (Ita-Eng) CFSFF



Visit to the Venice Lagoon Salt Marshes

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Friday, March 17, 2017 (half day)

Meeting Point: 10 am, Fondamenta Nove boat stop

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N.B. The visit is compulsory for students enrolled in prof. Silvestri’s course S1720 – Coastal Wetlands, Lagoon and Estuaries: Environmental Monitoring and Management.

10 am Meeting point at Fondamenta Nuove
10.25 am Departure with ACTV boat n° 13
During the trip we will visit natural and restored salt marshes and in particular a visit to the Island Lazzaretto Nuovo to explore the marshes, their vegetation and consistence
1 pm Expected return time at Fondamenta Nove dock

The visit is open to all VIU students and professors interested.
To confirm your participation, please sign the roster on the classroom corridor, before Wednesday 15  at 3pm.



VIU Movie Series – Israeli Students Proposal

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“Zero Motivation”

Monday, March 13 – 5 pm – room 9A


Directed by       Talya Lavie               Starring             Dana Ivgy, Nelly Tagar, Shani Klein
Genres                 comedy|drama        Release date   26 June2014 (Israel)
Running time  100 minutes              Language         Hebrew

Zero Motivation portrays the hard, though comedic, everyday life of a unit of young, female Israeli soldiers posted in a remote army base.
The main characters of the movie spend their time dealing with bureaucracy and battling in computer games, counting down the minutes until they can return to civilian life. Amidst their boredom and clashing personalities, they manage to handle with humor and wit all of their issues related to friendship, love and commitment to the country.




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Transcultural Game banner

Wednesday, March 8 at 5 pm, room 9A

Which are the main peculiarities of your own culture that may lead to misunderstandings?


How to play?

Participants will make a list of discussion topics, laying a ground for comparisons among cultures.

They will draw from their own personal experience, describing common features of the place where they live.

There are many topics that students may wish to explore in terms of social relations and situations of everyday life, for example how to relate to professors and how professors are meant to relate to students, how to regard law breaking, how to invite for dinner, what to expect from friends, what to do with friends, how to go out with a man/woman, what to expect from the family, and similar things that you regard important or not to be misunderstood.

Example of things to put in the list
Thinking about Italians, when Italians go out in a restaurant, they generally pay “alla romana”, i.e. share the bill evenly. If someone has eaten much less than the others, he or she are allowed to pay less or may even be excluded from paying. If you have more or less eaten like the others, to insist paying a separate bill is considered very impolite.
For Italians to invite someone for a cup of coffee, it means to stay together standing in a bar for a very quick drink; for Americans it means to sit down and spend sometimes together.

For “Venetians”:
If you have been to the cinema (or anywhere else) with someone else and you have to head home, it is considered to be impolite to just walk away, unless you excuse yourself, saying something like “I’m in a terrible rush”. You should inform yourself where is the other person heading to, so that you can at least walk part of the way together, often negotiating an itinerary.

Everyone is invited to join: this is going to be an important moment in your VIU experience.


In the style of ancient Greek symposia, where they were debating serious issues while sharing food and drinks, you may bring refreshments to make the event more communal and involving.

For more information contact:
Alice Favotto, Ori Zifroni, Guo Shengjie or Prof. Luca Pes:



Visit to Porto Marghera

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Friday, March 10, 2017 – Porto Marghera & Fusina Industrial Area

Meeting Point: 10.00 am –Piazzale Roma (in front of Calatrava bridge)

In alternative, come directly at VEGA, by bus or train (stop “Venezia Porto Marghera”), meeting point at train Platform 1

Please confirm by e-mail to VIU where to wait for you.

The visit is compulsory for students attending the course Cities, Global Change and Sustainable Development.

The visit will include:
- 10.30 am – 12.00pm: Porto Marghera (Venice Industrial Port) and meeting with local responsible
- 12.30 pm: Visit on foot to Fincantieri area and lunch. You can bring a packed lunch
- 1.30 pm Visit by private bus to Fusina Industrial Area
- 4.30 pm estimated return time to Venezia-Tronchetto

All costs are sponsored by VIU for students attending the course Cities, Global Change and Sustainable Development. 


At the beginning of the 90s Venice was considered unsuitable as industrial center due to the lack of an appropriate area in which to build it.
On February 1st, 1917 the “Sindacato di Studi per Imprese Elettrometallurgiche di Venezia” was created. This council commissioned to the engineer Enrico Coen Cagli to outline a project for the Bottenigo area. Cagli plan was to divide it in three parts: industrial, commercial and residential district. The works to create the new Petrol Chemical Center began in the early 1919.



VIU Movie Series – “Il Gattopardo”

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Monday, March 6 – 5 pm – room 9A

This movie is part of Prof. Luca Pes’ course “Italian Contemporary History in Films”

Il Gattopardo

Directed by Luchino Visconti
Starring Claudia Cardinale, Alain Delon, Serge Reggiani, Mario Girotti
Genres drama | romance                         Release Date 28 March 1963
Running time 185 minutes                     Language   Italian

The Prince of Salina, a noble aristocrat of impeccable integrity, tries to preserve his family and class amid the tumultuous social upheavals of 1860′s Sicily.

Based on Giuseppe di Lampedusa’s novel, it won the Golden Palm at the Cannes Festival in 1963.



Exhibition at San Servolo “TEMPORANEAMENTE INADATTI”

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Opening: Friday, March 3 – 11:30 am – San Servolo Island

Curated by San Servolo Servizi Metropolitani di Venezia – Venice Psychiatric Hospitals Historical Archive in collaboration with Liceo Artistico Statale Michelangelo Guggenheim, the exhibition aims at representing the voice of all those young men whose youth was taken away by the horrors of war. Medical records, historical documents, images and art works on display to highlight the lives and stories of the soldiers who were hospitalized in San Servolo and shared the same traumatic experiences.

Some History…

1917—2017. The San Servolo Psychiatric and Mental Diseases observation military unit opened a century ago and within ten months hospitalized over 200 soldiers coming from the front or waiting to be sent there. The medical records show the tragedy and difficulties of those years, as well as the struggles that people had to go through during the war.

→ the opening will be followed by a welcome cocktail


Exhibition from March 3 until March 30, 2017.

Opening time: h: 9.00 – 19.00

Free Entrance.

Flyer (Ita)