Lost Islands. Exploring the lagoon city

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March/May 2017

This program is part of Prof. Cipriani’s course S1721 Listening to the Lagoon City. Lost Islands

All VIU students are welcome to join!

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The course aims at introducing students to the reading and to the knowledge of the landscape.

The visits will explore the islands of the Venetian lagoon in the following dates:

March 9                                                             March 31                                                          April 27
> 1.20 pm / San Servolo boat stop            > 1.30 pm / Sacca Fisola boat stop           > 1.20 pm / Restricted access*
San Lazzaro degli Armeni Island                Sacca San Biagio Island                             Campalto Island

March 16                                                           April 6                                                               May 4
> 1.30 pm / Restricted access*                 > 1.20 pm / Castello boat stop                 > 1.20 pm / Restricted access*
Poveglia Island                                                La Certosa Island                                          Sant’Angelo della Polvere Island    

March 23                                                           April 13                                                             May 18
> 1.20 pm / San Zaccaria B boat stop        >1.10 pm / F.te Nove D boat stop              > 1.10 pm / F.te Nove B boat stop
Castello Island                                                Le Vignole Island                                            San Michele Island

Only for students enrolled in the class



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