Viu Movie series – “Mimì metallurgico”

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Monday, November 20 – 5 pm – room 9A


Mimi is a Sicilian dockworker who inadvertently becomes embroiled in an increasingly complicated array of personal conflicts. When he loses his job after voting against a Mafia kingpin in an allegedly secret election, Mimi leaves his wife to find new work.

He moves to Turin, where he engages in an affair with a Communist organizer. Soon Mimi finds himself juggling two demanding relationships while plotting to take revenge against the corrupt forces that ruined his life.

Directed by: Lina Wertmuller                        Starring: Mariangela Melato and Giancarlo Giannini
Release date 1972                                           Genre: Comedy, Drama
Running time: 125 minutes                            Language: Italian with English subtitles

VIU Biennale session

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Friday, November 17

Ethnographic Cafè – antropology of Art at La Biennale di Venezia

from 3 pm to 5 pm – Sale d’Armi C, Arsenale


Title: One artwork – many perspectives: approaches to the Italian Pavilion

This activity is part of the course F1713 Identity Heritage and Globalization. Attendance open to VIU students and professors owning a Biennale entrance ticket.

Each year VIU organizes a tour of the exhibition and a related seminar inside the Biennale spaces.

This semester students of the VIU course Identity Heritage and Globalization together with Prof Natalie Goeltenboth will shed light on the Italian Pavilion: the diversity of VIU students coming from all parts of the world and from different fields of study will be used as an advantage to approach the Italian Pavilion from different points of view.

The public is very welcome to join and contribute to the discussion.

VIU Movie Series – “The comfort of strangers”

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Monday, November 13 – 5 pm – room 9A


the comfort of strangers


An English couple holiday in Venice to sort out their relationship. One evening, they lose their way looking for a restaurant, and a stranger invites them to accompany him. He plies them with wine and grotesque stories from his childhood. They leave disoriented, physically ill, and morally repelled. But, next day, when the stranger sees them in the piazza, they accept an invitation to his sumptuous flat. After this visit, the pair find the depth to face questions about each other, only to be drawn back into the mysterious and menacing fantasies of the stranger and his mate.

Directed by: Paul Schrader                   StarringCristopher Walken, Rupert Everett,                                                                                                                                                                    Natasha Richardson and Helen Mirren,
Release date 1990                                  Genre: drama
Running time: 107 minutes                   Language: Italian with English subtitles


Friday trip to Uffizi Gallery, Florence

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Meeting Point: 12 pm in front of Palazzo Vecchio, Florence


N.B. The visit is part of  Prof. Paolieri’s  Supplementary Art Course: Introduction to Italian Renaissance Painting.

12 pm – meeting at Piazza della Signoria, in front of the entrance of Palazzo Vecchio
                visit to the center of Florence with Prof. Paolieri
12.15 pm – guided visit to Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi entrance tickets: sponsored by VIU for all students attending the Supplementary Art Course.

Transport:  Students must arranged on their own the journey to and from Florence. You may check both Trenitalia and Italo’s websites if you want to go by train, in alternative you can take a look for buses like Flixbus or shared cars like Bla Bla Car.

Friday trip: Visit to MOSE Barrier System and Venice Lagoon

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Meeting Point: 9.10 am, San Servolo (boat stop)


9.10 am Departure with pivate boat from San Servolo Island
10.45 am Malamocco
11.15 am Mose Barrier system
11.30 am Pellestrina
12.15 pm Museum of the South Lagoon
13.30 pm San Pietro in volta
14 pm Ca’ Roman
15.50 pm San Servolo

(You need to bring along a packed lunch)

The visit is compulsory for students enrolled in:
F1701 History of Venice (Prof. Pes)
F1720 Critical Food Studies (Prof. Thompson)

The visit will include a preparatory lesson on Wednesday, October 25 at 5 pm

Some Info
Mose barriers consist of flap gates, installed in the bottom of the inlets, that allow to separate temporary the lagoon from the sea during an event of high tide. They are part of a project intended to protect the city of Venice and the Venetian Lagoon from flooding, through an integrated system consisting of rows of mobile gates installed at the Lido, Malamocco and Chioggia inlets that are able to temporarily isolate the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea during high tides.

Find more info in the MOSE Website

Introductory Lecture to the MOSE visit, October 25

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“Both the sea and mobile dams as threats. The contemporary imaginary of the fishermen in the lagoon”

Wednesday, October 25 – 5 pm – room 9A

Guest Speaker: Rita Vianello

The lecture is part of the MOSE Visit, and it is compulsory for students enrolled in:
F1701 History of Venice
F1720 Critical Food Studies 


Prof. Rita VianelloCa’ Foscari University of Venice, is an Anthropologist of the Sea and author of books about Pellestrina’s fishermen and about the Gondoliers.
Professor Vianello, who did extensive field work in Pellestrina, will introduce the Culture of the Fishermen of the Lagoon and their perception and reaction towards the massive environmental transformation induced by the building of the Mobile Dams (MOSE).

All students and professors interested are welcome to join!

VIU Movie Series – “La Notte di San Lorenzo”

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Monday, October 16 – 5 pm – room 9A

La notte di San Lorenzo


“A distinctive and restless force in European cinema for more than 35 years, the Taviani brothers mastered an eloquent stylistic bridge between Rossellini’s stringency and Fellini’s braggadocio.

1982′s The Night of the Shooting Stars remains their premier achievement and arguably the best Italian film of the ’80s. Fantastic and episodic, this saga of Italian villagers roaming the Nazi-upended countryside searching for the liberating armies combines doom, magic and absurdism with spectacular confidence. This mid-career masterpiece (told as mythopoetic flashback by its six-year-old protagonist, now grown into parenthood) is a traumatic oral history seen from the inside out”.

Michael Atkinson, The Village Voice

Directed by: Paolo and Vittorio Taviani                    Starring:Margarita Lozano and Omero Antonutti
Release date 1983                                                          Genre: Fantasy war drama
Running time: 105 minutes                                           Language: Italian with English subtitles




Visit to the 57th Venice International Art Exhibition

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Saturday, May 20, 2017 – 10 am

Meeting Point: 10 am at the venue “Meeting Point Giardini” (transparent box next to the ticket booth) (see map)
! Do not be late: we will distribute tickets on location and the guided tour must start in time

N.B. The tickets are nominal. Please remember to bring your ID/Passport, otherwise you may be denied access to the Biennale at the ID check


VIU participates in the Biennale Sessions: a unique opportunity for students and professors for a tour in one of the main international events dedicated to contemporary art.

The visit will take place in the Biennale venue of Giardini. Participants will benefit of a guided tour on Saturday 20 morning and of a ticket pass allowing 3 non-consecutive days entrances to Giardini and Arsenale venues.

This activity is part of Prof. Zoeller’s courses S1706 Entertainment Business. Venice and the Invention of Commercial Music Theater and S1710 Comparing East and West; and Prof. Pes’ course S1701 History of Venice; and is open to any other student and professor interested.

- 10.15 am: guided tour of the Biennale venue of Giardini (cc 1.30 h)
- 11.30 am: Visit to a selection of National Pavillions guided by Prof.Zöller and students in his courses (Free participation for all other students and professors interested)

The visit cost is sponsored by VIU for Prof. Zoeller’s courses and Prof. Pes’ course.
Ticket cost for all other participants: 20€ (multiple entrance – 3 days) to be brought to VIU Front Office by Thursday, May 18

Some info about the 57th Venice International Art Exhibition
Curated by Christine Marcel and organized by La Biennale di Venezia chaired by Paolo Baratta, this 57th exhibition theme will focus on positivity, joy and life. VIVA ARTE VIVA is the name chosen for the exhibition and it will unfold over the course of nine chapters or families of artists, beginning with two introductory realms in the Central Pavilion, followed by another seven across the Arsenale through the Giardino delle Vergini. 120 are the invited artists from 51 countries; 103 of these are participating for the first time.

The Venice International Art Exhibition is a world renown event that hosts thousands of visitors in what can be described as a unique setting in the wonderful spaces offered by La Biennale di Venezia.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary international event, and come with VIU to discover art as you have never seen it before!


VIU Movie Series – “Il Caimano”

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Monday, May 22 – 5 pm – room 9A

This movie is part of Prof. Luca Pes’ course “Italian Contemporary History in Films”il caimano

Directed by Nanni Moretti                  Starring Silvio Orlando, Margherita Buy, Michele Placido
Genres comedy, drama, romance       Release date 2006 (Italy)
Running time 112 minutes                Languages Italian

Nanni Moretti’s The Caiman (Il Caimano) is an eclectic and at times frustrating movie which satirises former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, makes some limited observations about the Italian film and television industry, and explores the personal and professional crisis of a C-grade filmmaker.

Bruno Bonomo is the producer of trash movies that were famous in the 70s, that finds himself going through a deep crisis both in his career and in his private life and marriage. The only thing that keeps him going on is the script of a young girl, Teresa, who wants to produce a movie entitled IL CAIMANO with the intention to tell the story of the politician Silvio Berlusconi, but the subject is so controversial that even the public television won’t produce it…

Called into action at the last, Moretti presents an immediate and particularly incisive film that allows Italy (and its cinema) to look forward to a more politically engaged and courageous future.



VIU Movie Series – Chinese Students Proposal

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Friday, May 19 – 5 pm – room 9A


Directed by Wu Ershan                  Starring Chen Kun, Huang Bo, Shu Qi
Genres action, adventure, thriller    Release date 2001 (China)
Running time 125 minutes             Languages Chinese

The movie is based on the popular adventure novel series Ghost Blows Out the Light about a trio of legendary grave robbers. The protagonists are a famous trio of tomb explorers Hu Bayi, Wang Kaixuan and Hu’s fiancée Shirley Yang. After deciding to split and retire to Manhattan at the beginning of the 1990s, the trio is lured back to their original vocation when Wang is pulled into a deal with a mysterious businesswoman to locate the ancient tomb of a Mongolian princess. But the woman’s real aim is to find and possess the Equinox Flower, a famed artifact that allegedly has the power to raise the dead…

The film won the 53rd Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards for Best Visual Effects