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Library Hours

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Good morning everybody

Here you can find the  library hours for this week

31 October: 10.30-13.00 ; 14.00-17.30
1 & 2 November: closed

VIU offices will be closed on November 1 as it is a national holiday.


P.s. Happy halloween!


Capoeira Workshop – The Video

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Good morning everybody!

As promised here’s the video of the Capoeira Workshop

Hope you like it!

Have a nice weekend


YouTube Preview Image


Capoeira Workshop – October, 24 2012

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Hi everybody!

Here there are some of the photos I took during the Capoeira workshop yesterday.

Tomorrow I will upload the video too.

Have a nice day



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Dear Students and Professors,

I would like to remind you of the english guided visit on next Friday, October 26th, to the Jewish Ghetto and the Synagogues.

The Guided visit will include also the ticket to visit the Jewish Museum

For further information, here you can find the link to the website:

The visit is a compulsory activity for the following courses:
Global Art and Architecture by prof. Chiari;
History of Venice by prof. Pes

Therefore, the entrance is free for the students attending these two courses (we will collect your confirmations coming to your classes).

However, there are still available places. So, if you want to participate in the visit,
please come to the Front Office, room 2A (ask Paola, Stefania or Lucia) and book your place by Wednesday, Oct 24 at 12 am.

The participation fee is 7,00€

Here there are the timetables and the meeting points:

- departure 10 am from S. Servolo
- departure 10.10 am from S. Zaccaria

At 10.50 at the entrance of the Museum.

Here you can check on the map where the Museum is,+30121+Venezia,+Italia+%28Cannaregio%29&fb=1&gl=it&hq=Cannaregio+2902/b,+30121+Venezia,+Italia+%28Cannaregio%29&hnear=Cannaregio+2902/b,+30121+Venezia,+Italia+%28Cannaregio%29&cid=0,0,9034155644799929802&ei=BdR_UKbiEcSUswbyloCoBg&ved=0CIcBEPwSMAQ

The visit will start at 11.00 am and will last an hour.


Paola, Lucia, Stefania

Seminar and lectures at Cà Foscari

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This is a cycle of themed readings in various languages on the second tuesday of each month, October through june, this season in partnership with ca’ foscari university’s biblioteca didattica (academic reference library) on the zattere. all the readings will be in the original languages accompanied by italian translations and will be held at 6.30 pm at the library, dorsoduro 1392.




If anyone is interested in English Reinassance, here there’s something for you!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

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This activity has been organized by prof. Orin Starn in the framework of the course “Global Sports”

Come see and learn capoeira!  There will be a demonstration and workshop at VIU of this exciting Brazilian martial art, invented originally by African slaves, on Wednesday, October 24 at 5 pm in the church courtyard (in case of bad or cold weather, in Sala Basaglia, a room at the ground floor that overlooks the church courtyard).

The workshop will be led by Contramestre Marquinho, a Brazilian capoeira master, and Katya Wesolowski, an expert capoeira teacher.

Wear comfortable clothes so you can participate, or you can just watch.

If you are intrigued and you want to know something more about it check the Wikipedia page.


See you there!



Visit to Padua

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Dear students,

Here you can find all the details you need for the visit to the Scrovegni Chapel and the Basilica di Sant’Antonio on Friday, 19.

We will catch the train at 9.34 am from the train station Santa Lucia (boat stop “Ferrovia”).
Once in Padua we will walk to the Scrovegni Chapel where we will meet our guide.
We will visit the Chapel and then we will walk all together through the historical center of the city to the Basilica di Sant’Antonio.
The whole visit is expected to end around 1.30 pm. Then you will be free to do whatever you want: going back to Venice or keep on having a walk around Padua.

Here the timetables

8.25 am : boat from San Servolo, for those who live on the island

8.53 am : boat, line 4.2, to the train station


9.20 am : arrival at the train station Santa Lucia (boat stop “Ferrovia”)

9.34 am : regional train to Padua

10.22 am: arrival in Padua

10.45 am : visit to the Chapel


If you’re looking for some information about it, you can look at the website or the wikipedia page


Scrovegni Chapel


Basilica di Sant’Antonio


Hope you’ll enjoy it


Hints for the weekend -Friday 19.10-

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Hi everyone!

Do you need some fun during this weekend? I have the party you are waiting for :-)

This Friday (19.10) there is “festa delle matricole”: a big party we usually have at the beginning of the academic year. For further information:

- If you have facebook, write: festa delle matricole degli atenei veneziani

- The official website where you can also have a look at the other events organized by this organization:

Hope you will join the party :-)

Have fun :-)



Transcultural Game – The Video

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Hi everyone,

This is a short video of the Transcultural Game on Wednesday, October 10

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


YouTube Preview Image

Transcultural game

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You are all invited to take part in the VIU Transcultural game on Wednesday, 10th at  5 p.m. in room 9A

Below you can find some hints to organize the game



1. form a group with friends with whom you feel you share a common “culture”
2. self-define yourself: “Italian Girls”, “Israeli”, “Japanese”, “Turks”, “German Women”, “American Males”, “Bavarians”, “Inhabitants of Tokyo”, “Dutch Catholics”, “Cosmopolitan Globe-trotters”… (your choice, but has to be related to places or cultures that the people of the group share)
3. write down a list of ten things other students (and professors) on campus should know about yourself and those belonging to the chosen category (“Italian Girls”, “Israeli”, “Japanese”, “German Women”, “American Males”, “Bavarians”, “Inhabitants of Tokyo”, “Dutch Catholics”…) in terms of social relations and situations of everyday life  (eg. how to relate to professors and how professors are meant to relate to students, how to regard law breaking, how to invite for dinner, what to expect from friends, what to do with friends, how to go out with a man/woman, what to expect from the family and similar things, that you regard important, not to be misunderstood); especially things that are liable to misunderstandings on island; and misunderstandings, which have already occurred
4. come on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 10th and read the list to the other participants (discussion and question time will follow; powerpoint, photos and youtube optional)

once you form a group (can also be of two people) please send an e-mail to professor Luca Pes with the chosen name (

example of things to put in the list

for “Italians” I could think of:
When Italians go out in a restaurant, they generally pay “alla romana”, i.e. share the bill evenly. If someone has eaten much less than the others, he or she are allowed to pay less or may even be excluded from paying. If you have more or less eaten like the others, to insist paying a separate bill is considered very impolite.

For Italians to invite someone for a cup of coffee, it means to stay together standing in a bar for a very quick drink; for Americans it means to sit down and spend sometimes together.

for “Venetians”:
If you have been to the cinema (or anywhere else) with someone else and you have to head home, it is considered to be impolite to just walk away, unless you excuse yourself, saying something like “I’m in a terrible rush”. You should inform yourself where is the other person heading to, so that you can at least walk part of the way together, often negotiating an itinerary.



I hope to see you all.

Prof. Luca Pes