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Field trip to Vicenza

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  File:Vicenza-di notte.jpg

Friday, November 22, Field Trip to Vicenza, all day: Palladio Museum, Teatro Olimpico and Basilica palladiana.

Capital of the eponymous provincia of the Veneto region, the city of renaissance world-wide famous architect Andrea Palladio has been enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.
Vicenza hosts in its historical centre 23 buildings designed by Palladio.

This activity is compulsory for the students of courses “Art and Architecture in Renaissance Venice” (Prof. Svalduz/Pattanaro), “Digital Ctities and the Cartographic Imagination” (Prof. Szabo) as well as for both Prof. Kaynar’s courses and “Architectural and Urban Heritage” (Prof. Zucconi/Di Lenardo)

9.40 am Meeting Point: Venezia S.L. Train Station
10.00-11.25 Regional Train to Vicenza
11.35 Meeting point at the Palladio Museum – Palazzo Barbaran da Porto
11.35 -1.35 pm Guided tour to the Palladio Museum
1.35-2.15 pm Basilica Palladiana
Lunch Break
3.30-4.45 pm Teatro Olimpico and Palazzo Chiericati
5 pm End of the trip. Students are free to remain in Vicenza and to return back to Venice on their own.

1st November, Holiday

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We remind you that VIU offices, Front Office and the Library will be closed on November 1 as it is a national holiday.

Field Trip to Padova

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cappella_degli_scrovegni  Basilica-del-Santo-S-Antonio-da-Padova-Foto-102

Friday, Nov 8, Field Trip to Padua, all day

The meeting point is at Venice S.L. railway station at 8.30 am.

The trip includes the visits to Scrovegni Chapel, St. Antonio Basilica, Bo Palace and Anatomical Theatre.

This activity is compulsory for the course “Art and Architecture in Renaissance Venice”, therefore students from this course will have to pay only for their lunch, while the return ticket cost will be reimbursed (only Regional Train max. €3.55, keep the original ticket). The trip is also open to other interested students but precedence will be given to students from Prof. Pattanaro’s course. Students from other courses will pay 8,55 € in advance (one-way train ticket Venice-Padua + Scrovegni ticket entrance) at the Front Office by Wednesday, Nov 6th. They will pay for their own return ticket on the day.

Some places are still available for the students who don’t belong to the course “Art and Architecture”, so if you want to participate please bring 8,55 € to the Front Office by Wednesday, Nov 6th, 5 pm.

The meeting point will be at Venice S.L. railway station at 8.30 am on Friday, Nov 8th.

Detailed Program

8.30 am Meeting point at Venezia SL railway station
8.41 am Regional train to Padova
9.28 am Arrival at Padova railway station
10.00 am         Guided visit to Scrovegni Chapel and Church of Eremitani
11.30 am Guided visit to Museum of Art and Archeological Sciences (Liviano Palace – 3rd floor)
12.30 – 1.30 pm Lunch with the students of the Art Department
2.00 pm Guided visit to St. Antonio Basilica
4.15 pm Guided visit to Palazzo Del Bo and Anatomical Theatre
5.00 pm End of the visit. Students are free to stay in Padova or return to Venice on their own.

Possible trains from Padova to Venezia SL:17.24 – 17.58
17.34 – 18.29
17.43 – 18.10
18.04 – 18.55

“Forrest Gump” the movie by American students

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Monday, Nov 4, 5 pm, room 9A

VIU Movie series: proposal by American Students – Forrest Gump 1994

“Forrest Gump” by Robert Zemeckis

142 mins, starring Tom Hanks, Robin Wright and Gary Sinise

Forrest Gump, while lacking of a high I.Q., is a man with good intentions who has accidentally been present at many historic moments. However, this is all irrelevant to Forrest who can only think of his childhood sweetheart Jenny Curran.

VIU Treasure Hunt

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Wednesday, October 23, San Zaccaria boat stop, 5 pm

treasure hunt

Are you sure to know Venice well and all its hidden calli? Do you want to learn some new aspects about its secret stories?

We are glad to inform you that it is now time for the VIU Treasure Hunt through Venice. You will team up in two groups to solve the riddles and be the quickest one!

Please sign in the list attached on the door of corridor 9, if you want to join. See you there!

GENERAL STRIKE – Friday, Oct 17-18

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Friday, October 18th
We inform you that on Friday Oct 18th there will be a 24 hrs strike of the public transport company.
Transport to and from S.Servolo island is guaranteed anyway.
Transport by bus and boat is guaranteed between: 6- 9 am, 4.30 and 7.30 pm.
Trains will stop on October 17, from 9 pm. On Oct 18 the service is guaranteed between 6-9 am and 7-9 pm.


Movie series: “La notte di San Lorenzo”

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Monday, October 21st, 5 pm, room 9A

VIU Movie series: “La notte di San Lorenzo”

 locandina notte_di_san_lorenzo
“The Night of the Shooting Stars” by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, 1981
105 mins, starring Omero Antonutti, Margarita Lozano, Claudio Bigagli, Italian with English subtitles

Refugees from a Tuscan village near Pisa in the midst of Nazi massacres and the Civil War between fascists and antifascists, trying to reach the Allied forces (1944). Winner of the Best Film Prize and the Criticts International Award at Cannes.

Guest Lecture by Prof. William Chafe

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Wednesday, Oct 16th, room 5X, 5 pm

Open  Lecture  “American Feminist Movement” by Prof. William Chafe. (Duke University)

Prof. Chafe taught at VIU in 2007 as Duke visiting professor and is currently Alice Mary Baldwin Professor of History and Emeritus at Duke University.
On October 16, Prof. Chase will return for a guest lecture on the feminist movement in the US.
His work focuses on civil rights history, women’s history, and modern political history and his most recent book is:


“Spirited away” the movie by Japanese students

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Monday, October 14, 5 pm, room 9A

VIU Movie series: proposal by Jabanese Students – Spirited away 2001

 spirited away_locandina
“Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi” by Hayao Miyazaki
125 mins, starring Daveigh Chase, Suzanne Pleshette, Miyu Irino, Italian with English subtitles

Synopsis:On the way to their new home, Chihiro and her parents find what they think is a deserted amusement park. Her parents stuff themselves until they turn into pigs, and Chihiro discovers they’re trapped in a resort for traditional Japanese gods and spirits. An oddly familiar boy named Haku instructs Chihiro to request a job from Yubaba, the greedy witch who rules the spa. As she works, Chihiro’s untapped qualities keep her from being corrupted by the greed that pervades Yubaba’s mini-empire.

Visit to Casa Goldoni and Cà Rezzonico

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casa goldoni      cà_rezzonico

Oct 11th, meeting point at 2.40 pm at S.Zaccaria boat stop

VIU invites you to visit to Casa Goldoni, where the famous venetian comedian was born and lived in 1707 -1719, and Cà Rezzonico, a magnificent palace now home to the 18th-century Venice Museum.

This activity is open to everyone and the entrance ticket to Casa Goldoni costs 3,50 euro and 5,50 euro for Cà Rezzonico.

It is compulsory for the students of the course “Mask and Masquerade in Venice and Beyond”.  Entrance will be sponsored by VIU for the students of Prof. Wallace’s course.

The visit will begin at Casa Goldoni and will continue with Cà Rezzonico.
Please sign up the list on the door of corridor 9.