A Venetian tradition: Festa della Salute

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Festa della Salute   Festa della Salute 2

The Feast of Our Lady of Good Health is a religious festival held in Venice every year on November 21.

This celebration is particularly felt by the Venetian people: it commemorates the miraculous ending of a virulent plague epidemics occurred in 1630, event which led the Doge to thank the Virgin Mary by ordering the construction of a magnificent votive temple.
The Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute was hence built and every year since then the Venetian people gather to pray for receiving good health all throughout the upcoming year.

On this special occasion you will be able to cross a temporary votive bridge connecting S.M. della Salute to S.M. del Giglio.
It will be accessible from Saturday, November 19 at 12.00 pm to Monday, November 21 until the end of celebrations.
A hallmark of this festival is the presence of many colourful and sugar scented stalls located in the proximity of the cathedral selling balloons for children and cotton candy, toffee apples, chocolate coated strawberries and many more delicacies for all those wishing to feel like a child again.

Students attending History of Venice will enjoy Festa della Salute accompanied by Professor Pes, soon after having visited the Jewish Museum.

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