Lecture-Concert with Gerardo Balestrieri

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Monday, December 5 – from 12.30 to 1.30 pm, room 1G

Undici traslochi, dodici camere (Eleven relocations, twelve rooms)

Photo: Raffaella Cavalieri

Gerardo Balestrieri is a singer-songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist.
He graduated at L’Orientale University of Naples disserting a thesis about syncretism and spirituality in Brasilian music. Artist tout court, he published five albums. The most recent one is Canzoni Nascoste, hidden songs.
He was invited to many editions of the Italian songwriting contest Premio Tenco, where he reached the finals several times and was awarded with the prize Second Album of the Year in 2007, 2009 and 2013.
He held concerts all over Europe and did a long live tour in California along with the Fishtank Ensemble, with whom he recorded an album in Los Angeles. His artistic cooperations include great names, such as the Iranian songwriter Mosheen Namjoo, the famous Italian quick-change artist Arturo Brachetti and the French group Les Madeleines.
With his veiled and mature lyrics and his deep voice, Gerardo Balestrieri is a complete songwriter. His style is a stunning mix of jazz, swing, contagious rythms, gypsy echoes, Greek style, French atmosphere, twitst and South America.

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