Fall 2013 visits & pictures

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Field trip to Vicenza

PB222185  PB222203

PB222205    PB222219


Night visit to San Marco

P1150084 P1150093 P1150103P1150102 P1150089 P1150105


MOSE and the Port

P1150064 P1150066 P1150068 P1150070

Biennale Sessions

DSCN2196  0DSCN2199

Foto Giulia 293  DSCN2208

Foto Giulia 297  DSCN2212

DSCN2213  Foto Giulia 337


Transcultural Game

P1010098  P1010093


Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Foto Giulia 076  DSCN2161

DSCN2162   DSCN2166

DSCN2170  DSCN2172

Foto Giulia 097  DSCN2184


Sport Tournament

P1140901  P1140902

P1140903  P1140904

P1140905  P1140906

P1140909  P1140910

P1140912  P1140914

P1140923  P1140924


Angola Pavilion and book presentation

P9180006   P9180012

P9180030  P9180045

P9180040   P9180044

P9180035  P9180034


Portuguese floating Pavilion

DSC_8784   DSC_8783

DSC_8707  DSC_8711

DSC_8699  DSC_8713

DSC_8716  DSC_8767


Bike Tour at Lido Island

DSC_8689    DSC_8690


P9130005   P9130008