Spring 2018 Recommended Events

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 Global Campus Visual Contest

March 1- May 4

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If you are interested in photography or video-making have a look at the 4th edition of the Global Campus Visual Contest, organised by EIUC!

The aim is to foster a better understanding of the issues concerning human rights and their protections, which is why the theme for this year is “Diversity and Inclusion”. Although our societies are incredibly diverse and composed by many different subcultures, it is only by integrating inclusive practices that we can thrive.

An international jury will select the best photos and videos, which will then be presented at events all around the world. 
This initiative is funded by the European Union and receives the patronage of the United Nations Regional Information centre for Western Europe(UNRIC).
Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Info: you can follow the visual contest with the hashtag #globalcampusvisualcontest #GCHumanRights #diversity #inclusion on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram or check out their webpage.



Your Future Run

May, 5

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The second edition of Ca’ Foscari your future run will take place on May, 5. This is a non-competitive run of around 6 km, organised by Ca’ Foscari University to promote the right to education and investments in research.


The fee, which is 5 euros if you register by April, 30 and 8 if you register in May, includes access to refreshment stands, a T-shirt and a running package.

Info and registration


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Modernism, Architecture, and the Construction of Ideas in America

LMU Seminar: VIU, San Servolo, Room 6-L, May 10-12, 2018

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Taking Thoreau’s conflation of building and thinking in Walden(1854) and Heideggers’ oft-quoted postwar essay “Building Dwelling Thinking” as a point of departure,the workshop traces how notion sof architecture (“building”) can lead to the construction of new ideas in American writing and beyond. It will focus on a number of American and international writers, architects,and critics such as Louis Sullivan,Frank Lloyd Wright, Henry James, Jane Jacobs, more recently, Arakawa and Madeline Gins. It will discuss how they redefine in their writing notions of building and dwelling as important aspects of the human condition; more importantly, it will investigate how the forms of building and dwelling they envision are apt to produce new ways of thinking.  Architecture for these writers, thinkers, artists often serves as a means to capture the various tensions inherent in the project of modernity, such as the divide between nature and culture, place and space, movement and immobility, or between the individual and mass society. What they thus share is a sense of the promises but also the challenges of modernity,coupled with an anti-modern emphasis on tradition and regionally inflected understanding of culture.


Bryan Banker / Klaus Benesch / Manlio Della Marca / Andrew Estes / Christine Faber / Anna Flügge / Patrick Geiger / Ines Ghalleb /Angelo Grossi / Kent Hufford / Mark Olival-Bartley / Juval Portugali / Daniel Rees / Julia Rössler / Giorgia Tommasi / Anita Vrzina

Klaus Benesch, Manlio Della Marca & Anna Flügge (LMU)